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Now i've got Crabs too!!

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I knew i have had a crab for awhile now,

she has been shedding her shell and i have lost a few little Damsels here and there and Starfish had a chunk missing out of it.

So time to go crabbing!

So i got me a take away container, snipped a hoole in top, weighted a prawn inside, attached fishing line to container and sunk to bottom of tank.

Waited for lights out.

Got up during the night to have a weewee.....





Bye Bye GT...... ( nicknamed GT because of its racing stripe )



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Marks a legend, always up for a chat even when he's busy which is always, good to see you with fish blood running in your veins again, dads moved house and setting up a new fishroom in the shed and enjoying still

all the best

bob and dad

That's not fish blood that's alcohol running!

On a side note are you aware Phil Casey passed away a couple of months back?

He was a legend.

Do you still sell to Pet Country? [MENTION=1568]spongebob[/MENTION]andspongedad.

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