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Aquael Glossy 4ft Tank From the Pet Expo - Perfect planted or display tank.

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When we saw this tank at the Pet Expo recently showing off its stylish design we just had to take it home and is now on display in the store.

The planted layout was designed by John Bailey from R&J Aquatics and Pets specifically for the trade show, some may recognise the name as the previous owner of the forum. Unfortunately we had to transport it so it had to be dismantled and we have redone the scape adding a few extra plants.

The Glossy tanks will be available through us and ordered in as required and comes with the tank stand and as well as the LED light - the lighting is what sets this tank apart from other planted tanks as the LED is in a tube style allowing the twin LED light modules to be directed highlighting specific area's.

If you are looking at a Elegant Display planted tank - pop on in and see the tank - the pictures just do not do the tank justice.

Aquael Glossy 4ft with LED Lighting



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Nice stylish tank. Modern look.

Was the tradeshow open to the public? Would have been nice to wonder around there.

On the first day it was for trade only while I was there - There would have been approx 12 aquatic related stands there this year - do not know on the second day if it was open more as I was there at the end - had to go back at closing and help some of exhibitors - took a van...lol You will gradually see everything that was there - it will just take a little time as some items were prototypes and have forward orders and have new items coming as they get released, some will be round Christmas and a bunch more coming in January.

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