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Placidochromis Milomo VC10 - Where are they????

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Cichlid Type: African CichlidPrice: WTBSize: AnyQuantity: 10-20Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: GladstoneLooking for some VC10's.

Prefer them to be 6cms or above

One of my favourites, want to start breeding them.

Freight to Gladstone would help.



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There you go [MENTION=7652]dan486[/MENTION]withoutfirstbornchild You shoulda flown to Sydney and bought some and kept your child!! How sad for you! bgomf.

If only i could fly to sydney and back to gladstone for $130.

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I think you will find they would have shipped them and now that Virgin Cargo is up and running there are some reasonable rates available again. Recently I sent 2 boxes totaling 24kg from Hobart to Sydney for $107 so surely a small box to Gladstone would come in under that.That's what I was thinking when I posted but thanks all for taking the piss......

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