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Aquascaping opinions!

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Hey everyone! I decided to set up a second tank and I decided to go into the planted lush tank look. I am totally new to the hobby and I knew pretty much nothing going in, especually about plants haha. I have spent the last 3 weeks or so researching a lot, so hopefully I have a basic grasp of the concepts. Anyway... I was looking for opinions on my hardscape. I will upload a few pictures and you guys can tell me what you think?

I know the wood looks a bit doorky as the colours don't really match but I am going to put some moss or something on it so it blends in a bit more.


^^^ Just a basic layout, I was thinking of getting rid of the goldvine. The little stick of it is meant to represent a few more rocks there haha.


Just a random scape I liked.


Playing around with depth.


This is how it has been for a few days, Its starting to grow on me.

I plan on having a sword or two, some S.repens as a carpet (I know it will be a painstakinly slow process to carpet in a low tech tank. I also plan on having some dwarf sage and maybe some ludwigia and moss covering some of the stones.

Sorry for the huge post but what do you think :)

EDIT: Thanks for age of aquariums for all their guidance and help lately, top blokes there!

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Thanks for the replies guys. As far as fish go I just want a fighting fish in there, with perhaps some snails or some dwarf fish (if he plays nice).

I have decided to go with the second picture. I drew up a plan and would like to share it with you guys :)


Im not sure on the S. repens carpet, maybe I should swap them and the Dwarf sag around. Not to sure on the red on the right side below the Lug/any other red plant. Also thinking of mixing an other plant between the sworrds and the red at the back/middle. What do you guys think?

I plan on using some ferts, no CO2 system and a better light system (Something that would give me 2/2.4 watts per g as I am currently at 1.1)

If something seems off please tell me :)

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The second options works so well as it is what happens in nature, a seed gets caught in the flow of water and anchors at a rock outcropping. Plants if you look in a stream anchor for a reason.

In terms of your plans, the things to remember are firstly, red plants need the high light to grow and keep a healthy red. Secondly the way to avoid algae is to balance fertilisers, CO2 and light. If you address only 2 of the 3 and have an out of balance, you will have algae.

I think you need CO2.

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As you up the light you need to up the CO2, the issue is cost vs control.

My first planted tanks I did DIY CO2 with yeast fermentation. It works and works well, but little control over the dose rates.

I now use this on a little planted I did for my wife.


It is easy to control and a low start up price. It is also small and being on the kitchen counter that is important. I have never tried liquid CO2 (I assume you are talking something like excel). Plants will get alternate forms of carbon but not as efficiently.

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