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The Tech Den

A moMENTOS bonus....can I hear you say I Love Mentos? - 250 packs to give away.

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Everyone seems to love Mentos - well mainly the fruity ones anyway so we have 250 packs to give away.

All you have to do is:

Spend over $100 with us.

Like us on Facebook

and say "I love Mentos" in the notes of your order and we will throw in a 405g pack of Fruit Mentos - that's 150 singly wrapped Mentos.

It's that easy.



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I love the Mentos from Tech Den

A nice little surprise when i buy stuff, now the nice little surprise is huge so i might have to do a bit of online shopping with them on the weekend

Good stuff "Tech Den"

You can always have fun with them - look what 4000 people did in Mexico...


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