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Discus/ L numbers breeding system for sale

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For sale is my friend's breeding system.

Comprises of:

2 x 4ft tanks

1 x 3ft tank

2 x 34’ x 17’ x 20’ ex shop display tanks

Plus 30’ x 24’ x 15’ sump

Tanks are all in very good condition and include lids.

Spent over $350 in plumbing alone. All tanks can be isolated from one another and the modular design makes it easy to change the set up to suit any tank layout.

Tanks and plumbing are insulated to aid in heat retention which works great in winter.

The two shop tanks come with matching hoods (not shown in pics), each with twin built in fluoro’s (tubes included).

Very sturdy rack.

Dimensions are: W 2.1m, H 2.2m, D 66cm. First tier at 12” height, second at 38” and top at 65”

For $460 i will also include basic filter media, Jager 300W heater and some large sponge filters.


System was used for breeding L numbers, Discus etc. Has served me very well but my interests lie elsewhere now so it’s time for it to go.




PRICE: $460

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