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Shutting down tank - 3ft fish tank worth of plants

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Really sad to sell but dont have time to look after planted tank anymore

Plants include:

Byxa Japonica

Persicaria Sao Paulo

Eichhornia Diversifolia

Proserpinaca Palustris

Ludwigia Brevipes

Bacopa Caroliniana

Pogostemon Stellatus

Alternanthera Reineckii 'mini'

Didiplis Diandra - huge bunch

Ludwigia Arcuata

Myriophyllum Tuberculatum

Hydrocotyle Tripartita

Hygrophila Pinnatifida

UG carpet plants

Peacock moss

Weeping moss

Willow moss

Us fissiden

Flame moss

Plus other plants that I forgot their name

Asking $70 for all the plants

Can also have the DIY substrate for free if you want them.


Also have twin T5 39watts 3ft light for sale, just change to Giesemann Aquaflora n Midday tubes (cost me $40+ each tube from aoa) few months ago, also have 2 spares new Giesemann tubes, asking $150 for all.


Complete Co2 system, come with dual gauage regulator with built in solenoid and Bubble counter, basically just plug onto a timer and don't have to worry about it. Probably still got 1/3 gas left, refill cost $30 from a brewer. Last me 7-9months on my 3ft tank.

Asking $300ono


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Did a trim yesterday, here is current pic. [MENTION=4008]braggster[/MENTION]

Still got plenty peacock n weeping mosd, handful of flame, 50c us fissdens, but willow moss is not doing very well. Let me know if u are still interested! post-8131-14711634499488_thumb.jpg

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