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Starting the hobby - possible new setup

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Hi all,

I'm new to the hobby, but have done plenty of research into it!

I'm looking to get started with a basic 120L setup 60x45x45 tank from Aquariums R US (does anyone have any good/bad experience with there tanks?) with probably an Otto PF400N internal filter. (good/bad experience with this filter?)

Fish wise I'd like to end up with something like this:

half dozen Neon or Cardinal Tetra

half dozen Corys

2 Dwarf Gourami (1M/1FM.. males can fight each other?)

1 peppermint bristle nose

will my tank be big enough and will everyone be happy together? also what fish would be best to start with from my list?



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Welcome to the hobby and forum.

I'm not familiar enough with dwarf gouramis to comment on them, other than from what I understand, it's very rare for females to be imported for some gourami species.

I'd go with a dozen cardinals tetras, as they are hardier than neons and prefer to be in larger schools.

I'd stock one of the smaller species of corydoras, six is a good number.

I'm not a fan of bristlenose as they produce a LOT of waste. I'd sooner stock six otocinclus.

I'm guessing you are thinking of doing a planted tank of some sort.

Always buy the largest tank you can afford, if space is not a consideration. I'd sooner buy a 3 foot by 45cm by 45cm. It may appear large, but if you "get in to" the hobby, one day a standard 3 foot tank will look small.

I'd also prefer a small external canister filter.

I'd sooner buy a tank from one of the forum sponsors. If the budget is a consideration, I'd look at Age of Aquariums or The Tech Den. Otherwise there are far better local tank builders around than Aquariums R Us. You get what you pay for.

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Aqua one tanks are a good starter tank. I've had no problems with them.

Do you know how to cycle your tank?

Neons and tetras may annoy the gourami by nipping their fins.

Bristlenose are a great little fish. They love to eat zucchini and mushrooms, along with many other veggies. Just don't leave veg in the tank longer than 24hrs or it will make your tank manky.

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Thanks for the feedback thus far. at this stage I am confined to a smaller space for the setup, and that is the width of 60 and depth of 45.. I could go a little higher I guess, but that may make cleaning etc a little more tricky.

I looked into a few of the smaller external canister filters this afternoon.. I think I'll splash a little extra on one over the internal.

as for cycling a tank I've read plenty about it and watched a few videos.

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If you can't find a peppermint cheap enough, get some kuhli loaches. They are bottom dwellers and look like eels. They like to be in groups (6-8 and prefer sand substrate. I have some and they are so nice to have in the tank! They don't grow that big and eat the left-over food from the other fishes (You still need to feed them!). Kuhli loaches are very peaceful, and do well in a community tank. Good luck with your tank!

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I have a 2ft tank with a eheim 2215 i picked up of a facebook group for $50. I also like Rummynose tetras just as much as cardinals and neon tetras. If your going planted get as as many plants as you can to start off with and ottos over bristlenoses. Also to help with cycling maybe someone close by can spare you a bit of media to get the bacteria up and going.

As for maintenance. I clean the canister every 2-3 months and do 30L water changes every week. If that helps. I am still new to the hobby too.

my stocking is a bit heavy but never any problems

10 rummynose

5 harlequin rasbora

1 hillstream loach

2 bn 1m & 1F

5 albino corys

1 pepper cory

3 ottos

Hope this helps. Feel free to drop a pm.

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