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Hi all,

My names Ryan, new to the forum, thought I'd take a look around and introduce myself.

I was referred to this site by The Age Of Aquariums a few months back, have been meaning to visit and had some spare time today

I currently have three tanks:

1. 55L planted tank with a Beta, some Golden Cloud Minnows, Cherry Shrimp, a Bristlenose and an Oto.

2. 4ft tank with a Black Ghost Knife fish + few others

3. 5ft tank with cichlids

Let me know if anyone would like to see some pictures or has any questions :)

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Welcome to the forum.

People always like to see photos.

People also like specific stock lists. Saying a ghost knife plus a few others is just teasing. And a tank of cichlids, what cichlids? That's an important distinction. Do you belong to the Light side or the Dark side.

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Okay I'll post a few albums:

Cichlid Tank: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rjgrahamphotography/sets/72157646533017096

Betta Tank: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rjgrahamphotography/sets/72157659925274710

I don't have any current photos of my Black Ghost Knife Fish Tank, but I'll try find some later and post them up. In the mean time, here is my old tank before I upgraded:


The knife fish is living with 3 gouramis, an Angel fish and 6 bronze corys

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