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Go the Grundfos

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Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time since i was active here, but ive still continued in the hobby.

Although other interests and life happens.

My fishroom is still operating, Although an accident relating to human error means i lost all my fish including my Burundi colony and wild caught moba

about 12 months ago.

I still have a couple of fish but the tank system still chugs on.

My room.


I was doing a cleanup a few months back and thought id give a cheer for my grundfos circulation pump.


I put a power meter just on the fish room back on 01/07/2008, it had only 50 kwh on the dials.

Note the dates on the fishroom door


I took this pic on 21/08/2015, 27095 kwh


Thats over 7 years.

Aside from power outages and some tank maintainance, it has Run NON-STOP.

It has never missed a beat, never been serviced ,never been looked at in all that time.

And still running strong.

What great investment that was.



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I had a second hand one running non stop for about 8 years. No idea how old it was when I got it. Never had a problem. It had three speeds and occasionally I'd change the speed.

I sold it in working condition 2 or 3 years ago all working fine. If I went back to having a rack system I would buy one of these every time. Wouldn't even investigate an alternative.

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