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Fresh Off The Press - New Plant Shipment In Store Now!!!

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Hi Fellow QLDAFers,

We have a great new selection of plants for the avid aquascaper through to your novice. As always your QLDAF membership discount apply to the advertised price.

As always we have a great selection of anubias attached to driftwood.

Large - $49

Medium - 39

Small - 29




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We have just got in some beautiful large swords, at a stunningly cheap $14.95ea.

Beautiful Tricolour, one of the harder to find species here in Aus. With Slender vibrant leaves this would be a great addition to any aquarium. Best Suited as a background plant as it can get quite large.

Broad leaf Lothario, a must for any planted tank in my opinion. Again best used as a background plant.

And the old faithful Amazonicus, one of the more common swords but still steals the heart of thousands of hobbiests every day.





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And for the more adventurious hobbiest, we have just got a great selection of ground covers.

Eleocharis Belem - Hairgrass Mini. The shortest hair grass, it is perfectly suited as a ground cover, spreads like wild fire. loves CO2 and medium to high lighting.

Eleocharis Acicularis - Dwarf Hairgrass. Grows a bit taller then the mini species, better suited as a midground plant. Again loves CO2 and medium to high lighting.

Micranthemum Monte Carlo. New to the hobby in Australia, instaed of growing up like the common HM it will spread along the base of your aquarium. Doesn't need CO2 but will grow much more lush and faster with it. Medium to high light is recommended.

Hemianthus Callitrichoides. Need I say more, Good old HC. High light and lots of CO2 make this baby thrive.

Glossostigma Elationoides. Again a common find in our hobby these days. High light and High Nutrient is recommended for this stunner.

All of these are a crazy $10.95ea. They come in a 5cm pot, full and lush.






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