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2 x Large Archer Fish -- toxotes jaculatrix & toxotes microlepis

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Price: $100Size: Roughly 20cmQuantity: 2xSex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Sunshine CoastPrice: $100Size: Close too 20cmQuantity: 2xSex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Sunshine CoastPrice: $100 too good home.Size: 17-20cmQuantity: 2Sex: UnknownSuburb/Town: Sunshine CoastDue too a circumstance change, no fault of the archers.

Up for quick sale, 2 x archers, 1 x jaculatrix 1 x microlepis

Both eat anything & everything pellet wise & also through-out they're lives have been given the very occasional mealworm or cricket ( if you are into that kind of thing )

They do live together, but there is certainly a pecking order between them but neither becomes the boss longer than the other, its a crazy thing too watch the power change from one being boss too the next week the other is the new boss. LOL

Preference will be given too someone with experience in keeping archer fish & a reasonable sized tank.

The jaculatrix will shoot water if you leave your water level low enough and provide it something too aim for (but i've always kept my tank water level pretty much full so only ever play with this idea whilst doing a water-change) & the microlepis has too be one of the nicest coloured microlepis i've ever seen with my own eyes, it might be due too the fact they both readily feed on hikari massivore , jumbo foodsticks etc.

Microlepis is i would say almost certainly full grown and been a long term pet about 4 or 5 years , the jaculatrix has plenty of growing left and is only around 2years old.

Both have lived with large fish like Saratoga Leichardti , GG's etc. They are very communal and won't bother other fish, they rather bother one another.

$100 for both, ready too be collected asap , for they're own safety I need them gone.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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