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25Neon tetras, 3corys, 15common bn, 5 SAE

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Price: below

Size: below

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Annerley

25 Neon tetras $40 for all (prefer not to seperate)

3 corys $5 for all

5 SAE $10 for all

10-20 Cmmon BN - includes breeding pair approx 4", very good parents. Have had multiple litters $20 for all. (Most are approx 2cm, breeders approx 12cm)

30 odd cherry shrimp $10 for all

take the lot for $65... wont find a better deal.

Reason for sale is im breaking down the tank. Everything there is on tropical flakes/ algae wafers daily + twice a week ill drop in some light boiled potato / zucchini.

Pick up in annerley, pref today or sunday.

Come today and you get everything for $50. Anything left by saturday 7/11 will be euthanized so come get a bargain

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$50 for everthing else, theres a few juvi bn left from original buyer, maybe 8 or 10 cherries (turns out i had about 60). If you can catch it; its yours.

Seperately i also have driftwood, mangrove root, 2 HOB filters, 1 IC filter, 4 heaters, 2 output aquaone 7500 air pump with 2 flow settings, 9k coffs harbour subsrate, 9kg white pebbles.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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