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Lights are off and the guys are still getting busy!

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The night light is so stress reducing, its not funny!

Since the mid 80s, by an accidental bad set up, I found out that our reef life do far better if there is some light, "not photosynthetic", so that they can see 24/7

The list of why reef life are far better off if there is no actual night time is too much to go into, its best that this way that I have always practised from that time, is thought of the same as from "else where" or the land of opinions and disorders, as the doings of a crack pot, or hang on, from the world of liquid, lol, same thing,lol.

This is how the back of my tanks look at night?? lol.


Then the front when photosynthetic lights are on.


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Sounds quite sensible to me. After all, they are out in the open so they would have moonlight most of the time and even when there it no moon there is still quite a bit of light from the stars - enough to wander around on the beach without tripping over things.

At least, that's what I remember from a few weeks out on remote islands off central and north coast of Queensland, quite a few years ago.

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