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Aqua One Horizon 182 Stocking

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OK, so I've had a change of plans, I've managed to score a 4ft tank, an Aqua One Horizon 182, 182l, so the plans for the 69l have gone out the window.

I'm after some suggestions for stocking this tank, natives only, also small natives only, so I'm looking at Spotted Blue Eyes, Rainbowrunner suggested Rhads also, they get to about 6cm at best right? I think Spotted Blue Eyes get to 4cm, can Spotted Blue Eyes be kept with Threadfin Rainbows safely? What about Pygmy Rainbows? Are they OK, what about with shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp? Any others I could look into? I'm looking to purchase through AquaGreen also.

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