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which gender of OSCAR digs mostly ?

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Acquired an albino oscar from a friend a good 12months or so ago as it was a problem in his community eating its tank mates, was meant too be a feeder fish when i got it home but the misses simply wouldn't allow it so he/she has been allowed to grow too a half decent considerable size with my RTGG , As of lately the oscar seems to quite enjoy excavating large pits around the tank and then spending a fair bit of time floating about just above the pit.

Haven't kept oscars since i was 11 years old, have little too no experience sexing them other than the other one has the tail fin abit longer and the other sex is more rounded.... :noidea:

Which gender of oscar likes too dig the holes, or is it just a behaviour that oscars do for some enrichment ?

I remember as a child my pair of oscars did this behaviour but meant they were about too spawn, this oscar has never had another oscar friend, and the RTGG isn't interested in playing nicely with it either lol.

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I can vent it for you ;) Both Oscars will dig, not a half decent way to try and sex em :P

I'll read up a little more miss angel before deciding on whether or not too summon you for some afternoon venting ; )

-- i very much appreciate the offer --

Really bothers me how the pest of thing digs around the tank , almost like it guards the hole its dug for a little while, than when out competed for the "hole" from my RTGG *5x it's size & width* or the big old clown loaches that some of are also bigger than the oscar, the silly oscar just heads too the other side of the tank and starts again.

odd creatures.

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