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Sumped 8x2x2 including 45cm Murray cod and Gold spot pleco

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Condition: UsedPrice: 1000Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Wynnum WestCondition: UsedPrice: 1000Willing To Ship: Nolocation: Wynnum WestThis system was advertised a couple of months ago until I had a last minute change of heart and decided to keep it. Unfortunately after all of the nightmares we've gone through to move house and get it up and running, our circumstances have changed and it looks like we will be moving again a couple of times over the next few months whilst we buy a house. Sadly I can't bare the thought of dragging this thing around with me, so it's back on the market.

Set up Includes:

- 8x2x2 tank with matte black cabinet and hood (see pictures)

- Drilled with four bulkheads flowing into a 4ft sump with filter wool and hundreds of bio balls.

- brand new 5000lph pump ($80 new)

- 2000lph internal filter (not pictured)

- near new Jebao WP-40 wave maker (not pictured) ($100 new)

- 80kg of river gravel (pictured) ($160 new)

- Enormous piece of display driftwood (See pictures) (would be at least $100 if sold separately)

- Vast array of aquarium accessories including test kits, water treatments, fish nets, filter media, fish food and driftwood... at least $300 of accessories

Livestock includes:

- 45cm Murray cod is excellent condition. Eats pellets or fish fillets and is so tame you can pretty much pat him. ($100)

- 25cm Gold spot pleco with a few fin nips. ($50)

At this stage I'm not looking to split this up as I'd rather sell it all as one. If I don't get any bites over the next couple of weeks I'll see what other options I have.

At $1,000 this whole set up is a steal.

Please PM or message me on 0405 313 309. I'm happy to provide additional photos upon request.





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Fish now sold pending pick up tomorrow night. Now accepting offers on the setup, which includes everything else listed above. To help guide your offers I should mention that there is about $600 worth of accessories, not including the tank, cabinet, sump and hood.

I am selling this to try and avoid moving it, however if I do have to move it I will most likely just keep it.


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