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Spotted Silver Dollars $$$$$$$

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Price: $100 for 4Size: about 13-15cm diskQuantity: 4Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: Sunshine Coast

Selling my 4 spotted silver dollars , have been kept between friends for a few years now and its time someone else had the pleasure of owning them :drama:

Decently sized, i believe 3 males 1 female, eat any type of pellet i've ever offered.

Great fish too use for "Dither" or just for "Fill" , they have lived with big nasty fish before so they know how too move.

$100 for the 4 of them, pick-up sunshine coast.


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Been mucked around after having on hold for a buyer , back up for sale.

Spotted dollars back up for sale , perfectly healthy & good sized spotted's , Selling too make space & 6 big old normal silver dollars don't look real good swimming beside pretty spotted ones lol.

$80 firm.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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