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African and American cichlids

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Cichlid Type: --

Price: 111111111111

Size: 111111111

Quantity: 20

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Birkdale

All fish are for sale will also sell whole with tank filter heater the lot if interested otherwise all fish are for sale a listed below pm for prices or any info

African cichlid

1 x breeding pair electric blue, M 13cm F 8-9cm

3 x blue dolphin 2 x M 1 xF all app 10-12 cm

3 x venustus 1xM 2 x unknown all app 10-12 cm

3 x crabro 1x F 2x M, all app 10- 12 cm

1 x red empress, male 10 - 12 cm

1 x red zeb male, 10-12 cm

3 x breeding trio empangas, M 9-10cm F 8cm

2 x breeding pair neon spot, 7-8 cm

2 x labidochromis chimsulae breeding pair 7-8 cm

2 x spilonotus tanzania 10cm

American cichlid

2 x super green, unknown sex range from 7-8 cm

2 x geophagus orange tapajos 12-13 cm

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