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Show Us Your Frontosa Set Ups!

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Never mind I guess. Mods can delete thread.

So I decided to keep 8 of the 6 bars I was selling. And looking into getting a bigger set up for them. Would love some tips on best water quality/food for them to really bring out the beauty in these fish. Along with some set up ideas (Such as substrate etc) Photos would be epic!



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I guess the forums died since I was here last year?

If you were here last year [MENTION=16756]Taielia[/MENTION]incognito Why is your join date October 2015?

I have never kept Fronnies but they are a nice peaceful looking fish and I've always liked them.

Your ph should be up around 8 and they are more comfortable with a dark substrate.

Yours look fine to me , nice straight bars and a touch of blue.

[MENTION=5332]lloydashton[/MENTION] is the man to comment, he is the king of Frontosa.

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Hi [MENTION=16756]Taielia[/MENTION],

Frontosa require time and patience, both of which you seem to be lacking. Your attitude is off-putting and I wouldn't be surprised if this is why you haven't received more valuable input on your thread.

You have some nice Burundi but keep an eye on the one in the second pic on the far left, its bars should straighten out as it grows but are not as clean as a breeder would look for. Driftwood is also not ideal in an African tank and especially not with Tangs.

In regards to the questions you have asked, keep your PH around 8-8.4, coral sand is a good substrate and buffer. Feed NLS Thera +A, brine shrimp and then krill once they've grown, fresh Australian prawns chopped up and the occasional dose of peas and algae wafers to clean them out and prevent bloat.

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[MENTION=11012]Tangle[/MENTION]dofangle said:

"By the way, the song is 'Ballroom Blitz', I can't imagine how much that's been bugging you. "

Nice pickup mate you must be a dinosaur like me to know that song!

I look forward to ur next post in 2017.

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