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$20 pack Blyxa, Hydrocotyl, ARmini, Lindernia, Didiplis, L. arcuata, C.Sword, Frogbit

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Hi everyone, time to trim the tank again

Pickup St Lucia on the weekend or weekdays around noon

Algae free but tank has snails in it

$20 for the lot

Blyxa Japonica, 5 stems maybe more

Hydrocotyle tripartita, a small handful

Alternanthera reineckii Mini, several small stem trimmings

Lindernia rotundafolia, ~10 stems

Didiplis diandra, ~10 stems

Ludwigia arcuata, ~10 stems

Chain sword, several runners of various size

Amazon frogbit, a decent handful or two

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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