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HM for sale

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Hi All

Have about 5 bags at this stage of HM for sale, can pack a medium ziplock bag $10 plus postage or you can pickup. you will roughly get a fair bunch of plants in one bag.

the pics are from the last time i sold, however this time the plant height is about twice to 3 times as high. you will be getting rooted plants *** as in it will have established roots, you will have better success with rooted plants than trimmed.

I had a hickup with a postage that was supposed to be express but arrived 4 days late, however the buyer said the plants were still very health as it had roots and i packed it with plenty of moisture, so if you want postage let me know.

Ill be looking to take the plants out on sunday morning so possible pickup will be sunday mid morning/arvo/night

Located Drewvale 4116

Open to swap for fish cardinals, rummy nose, whitetail, gouramis , harlequin, glow light, other small schooling fishes






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Hi guys

6 bags gone.

let me offload them first then ill see if i can get some more up

2 for david

2 for josign

2 for mbunamd -- can pickup sunday morning

yes can take paypal, for thoes that want postage can you pm me your address again..

David do you remember the prices of the 2 postage options i sent you last time. ill be posting monday morning for thoes that want postage.

and yes can take paypal.

Regards Aron

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Hi Guys

I decided to not split the HM into to smaller bits. so here is a pic of what you are getting for $20. 1 of these bunches of 3 plants. so for the 3 people that i have confirmed you will get 1 bag with this plant wrapped nicely in it ( for thoes that im posting to, it will be in a plastic container and in a cardboard box so hopefully dosent get crushed)

Let me know ASAP if your not happy with that and ill onsell it to somone else.



Regards Aron

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Hi All

I have 10 bags of clippings ( most clippings are around 5cm plus, some longer) $5 a bag, these are clipping not rooted only selling clipping this time.

Prefer pickup as postage will get messed up over the xmas break.

pickup anytime from Monday onwards, ill be cutting and baging the night before a pickup.

pickup located brownsplains, drewvale.

Regards Aron

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