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Carbon dosing.

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Semi solid carbon dosing recipe is working out great!

Unlike the nitra guard titanium, mine produces absolutely no hydrogen sulphide, yes!!!!

No nitrates coming out as is with phos, both are not showing on tests, either from the tubs or my system.

If it was not for my diabetes I would have had no idea about this.

Seems the obligates do not like my recipe, lol.


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That's funny, not about my wording, it's always bad, lol, I mean the obligates, the anoxic zone microbes that manufacture hydrogen sulphide via sulphate reduction as a by-product because the substrate or where ever is dirty with organic matter!

Sorry I am only a saltwater hobbyist, my knowledge of fresh water is extremely limited.

With the obligates, in small numbers and not too much of their bi product, it's all good, but too much and its all bad.

With these guys you need to be aware of them and what they make as the end result, now it is found naturally in huge amounts at times, in fact that smell of the ocean, that is sulphur, anyway at least one time in earths history that science knows of, it contributed to wiping out near all life on earth.

I was trying to help some one on the "elsewhere" forum quite a few years back about his substrate at the front of the aquarium against the glass showing an uneven line of dark colouration in it, like a mini mountain range you might say, and I told him this was the level at which the obligates were congregating and taking over there from the nitrate reducing anaerobes and also said this will fluctuate depending on temp, degree of feeding and in tank flow.

And it was on!!!!! what is a obligate? no such thing, that's a load of bull and so on and so on as per usual, lol, like I care, lol.

Way back I use to get the bullying for this one "along with everything else of course, lol" ,anyway this one time it was about my stupid ideas of around 24c being good for the reef aquarium, lol, it was 25c to better at 27c for them to a max of 29c.

I looked in there the other day and one of the "very" regulars was replying on a thread with 24c is good, lol, geez, lol

Some diver mates went to new guinea two weeks back and the temps there were 25c to 26c, and where most off the corals sold for the hobby here in Auz, the temps are in winter around 18cish and in the thermos, down to 15c and in summer 26c to 28c!!?

Okay what is roughly mid way of those temps? 27c maybe, lol

You would think it would be that simple hey, but not for many, well not for some years anyway, lol

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This is a sort of shock, since using my mix of GI carbs in carbon form as my semi sold carbon dosing, my algae importer is going nuts and the in tank algae, is fading??

I don't know for sure and I have stoped adding hydrogen peroxide two weeks back npw , but it appears this way is not just taking out phos and nitrate, its waste is nitrogen??

Anyway my algae should be growing slightly slower with lower tempos ,sort of, its not,it must be the extra nitrogen, I mean plants thrive with nitrogen as we all know and my species of algae importer is great at nitrogen fixing, so I can only assume.

So from my home made nitra guard, but not like nitra guard blend, it seems to be helping the tanks to look a little cleaner and everything is appearing like it is doing even better now??!!

Still no real water change in over 4 years.

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