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Community tank with WHITE SPOT, How do I treat?!

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It seems that a few of my fish have white spot/ich

I am after some advice on how to treat the tank as this is what i've go in there:

6x serpae tetras, 9x lemon tetras, 6x glass cats, 4x whiptails, 6x bn's, 3x algae eaters, 10x clown loaches, 3x discus, 3x flagtails, 3x golden rams

The golden rams have it the worst.

I had read some where that some of the fish in the tank cant be treated the same for some infections the same as others, just wanting some advise before I treat the tank first.

The tank has been running for about 6 months with no problems.

Ph 7.6, A 0, Nrite 0, Nrate 40ppm.

I know the Nitrate is a little high, having a few issues with our filters atm (which is being fixed now).

Thank you in advance!

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My advice would be shoot down to age of aquariums (not far from Heritage Park ) tell them you're stocking list and they will sell you white spot treatment and tell you a safe Rate with your delicate fish eg clown loaches

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