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WTS breeding Setup

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Condition: Used

Price: 500

Willing To Ship: No

location: Springfield Lakes

So I have tried to get back into the hobby but i have lost the bug bad.

So only going to keep a display tank but want to sell my breeding setup.

this is the link for the tanks and the build process i went through (with pics)


Items that are new are a 300w jager heater (probs 2 - 3 months old) and Pondpro Airlab EV40 Airpump High Volume Flow 6 months old.

this setup consists of 10x2ft tanks with lids

1x4ft sump with media and 17 litres k1

i think the pump is a wavezone or something like that. i will get the exact model and make of the pump for people who are generally interested.

this whole setup should be easy to pull apart and put back together again as only the 90mm pipe is solid guled.

anything other fish stuff in the garage is yours as well (maybe rocks, spare parts plumbing parts, filter media maybe caves.) Chiller is not for sale as it is not mine.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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