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Cichlid Clearance AKA Reality Check!!!

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid Price: Mixed Size: 4cm - 20cm Quantity: Many Sex: Mixed Suburb/Town: Nudgee

Yep bit of a reality check and realizing I have way too many fish for future plans... :noidea:

I have a variety of fish to go and its always hard figuring out what you should hold and what you need to let go of... :faint::frusty:

Prices available via PM...always negotiable and naturally cheaper for multiple purchases :eyebrows:


1 x PR Gold Head Comps (Male 11cm appx,Female 5cm appx) (ON HOLD)

1 x group of Melanochromis Joanjohnsonae (appx 4-5 fish and looks like 2 boys and and 2-3 girls)

1 x spare Male L.Attenuatus (appx 12cm and a beautiful display fish for a Tang community tank..very rare!)

1 x pr of Flavus (great display fish and looks like 2 males) (ON HOLD)

1 x group of Afra Cobue (appx 5-6 fish including 2 very nice display males) (ON HOLD)

1 x trio of N.Similis (2 happy adults and 1 little fry growing quickly and safe to go) (ON HOLD)

1 x group of Tropheus Moliro (appx 7-8 fish mainly young adults with possibly 2 juveniles) (ON HOLD)

1 x group of Red Forrest Jewels (6 fish all adults and very red with 2 known PRs) (ON HOLD)

2 x T.Nigriventer (1 juvenile and 1 young adult..looks like young adult is a female @ 12-13cm appx and juvenile is appx 6-7cm)


1 x Male Ellioti (appx 12cm and a beautiful display fish) (ON HOLD)

1 x group of Large Rivulatus (appx 15 fish @ 12-20cm including a couple of nice big display Males and lots of "eager" Females)

1 x group of juvenile Umbees (appx 4 fish @ 4-8cm)

1 x spare red belly Salvini female (appx 8/9cm and beautiful Salvini with lots of colour..yes lots of red!)

I will also have some very nice Dempsey adults available very soon and Synspilum adults as I finalize my breeding pairs.

These are very very nice chunky colourful fish @ 15-25cm appx and great for American displays.

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