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Too much flow?

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I would go with a lower turnover through the sump, you maximum contact time with the media.

I had a room running at 1-2 times turnover an hour and it worked well.

I had a sponge in each tank to add oxygen and so I could isolate tanks for quarantine when bringing new stock in.

As mentioned take into account head height and work off turnover on the whole system not individual tanks.

Cheers mick

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The return is into K1 media in a drum that flows into a 600ltr sump where heaters and pump are located. So it shouldn't affect media or heating.

Great point. I am actually going to buy the pump from you guys [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION]. Emailed last week, but starting to worry it may provide too much turn over. Im pretty sure the laguna max flow and a lower setting that could also come in handy.

From the pump the pipe is 2.4h and then 2.1m across then it connects to a loop with 12 outlets that go into each tank.

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I used these taps on each pipe feeding my tanks when I had a rack setup. This allowed me to control the amount of flow per tank pretty well.

It also allowed for the water to restrict at the lower levels as I had 3 levels with x6 6 foot tanks and dual black 220litre tubs. I had another tub inside with crushed coral, scoria rock and bio balls where the gutter system ran over. On the sides of the tub, I drilled heaps of holes to allow the water to flow out of the inner tub to where the sump pump was. I'd suggest going with a bigger water pump rather than planning for one that just meets the requirements as you will be able to dial it back if needed and sometimes the head lift can be trouble. Most pumps come with an adjustment nozzle anyway.


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