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Hi, sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't sure where to post where more members could see this, delete if not allowed.

I am trying to get onto the ANGFA forum to read up and learn a lot more but am having trouble getting in, I have signed up, a did a while back, but never received any emails confirming anything, have tried to access the forum with my username and password and am told it's wrong so no idea what to do, who can I contact in regards to this? Cheers.

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Have you checked junk folder?

This is from their Web page

Contact ANGFA Qld

Feel free to contact us directly at the addresses below...

President: president@angfaqld.org.au

Secretary: secretary@angfaqld.org.au

Memberships: membership@angfaqld.org.au

Field trips: fieldtrips@angfaqld.org.au

Editor: editor@angfaqld.org.au

...or find us on facebook


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Have u ever tried or thought of fluval fx series. They tend to be easy to prime, optional 12mm or 16mm hoses. Fluval are tall and deep lots more room for media and more stages of filtration so less time cleaning your tank cleaner. Plus no need for over flow though not always nessecery in most cases. They go hard for longer. Aqua one on the otherhand has become a cheap nasty brand smashed by chain stores so example a fluval fx6 will do a 1000 L tank...but pricey. In your case i say 250 L tank u would need a fx5. Not warrioring here just giving a few options for you.

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Well I tried to join under a different name and email address because I couldn't get on with my other one and still nothing, so looks like no one what so ever is running the show, really wanted to get on and read up on a few things and check out biotope tanks and tanks people have set up for Rainbows, Blue Eyes, Gudgeons.

How are ya Riffles going Grubs?

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Keep persisting if you can. The info on there might be a few years old but it is all good stuff. Often ANGFA threads contain some good detailed info and it would be nice to think the forum can survive as long as everyone gives it a chance until a renewal of forum admin can keep it going.

I can't log in with my user name, nor password, doesn't look like it's been approved, contacted someone about it and was told the forum doesn't have an admin so no one can approve it.

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