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Wild Caught Colony of Frontosa Karema + Fry

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Cichlid Type: African Cichlid

Price: $1,500

Size: 14 to 20cm

Quantity: 8

Sex: Mixed

Suburb/Town: Bellmere

I am selling my wild caught colony of Frontosa Karema. Asking $1,500.00.

The details:

Wild caught breeding colony of Frontosa Karema imported by Lloyd Ashton

2 males and 6 females (excellent ratio)

Ranging from 14cm to 20cm

Not common in Aus

Young established breeding colony

If you are genuinely interested then please send me a PM.

The dominant male is spectacular and the pictures below do not do him justice.




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I have added a price as the EOI isn't working. I have had some strange offers, for instance someone offered a colony of Eureka Reds in a straight swap. So instead of asking people to do some homework the price is $1,500.00 for the colony. Thanks in advance.



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Fair call. However, have a look on Frontosa Fanatics they cost a lot more on there, even the fry are being sold for $35 ea. Other people are selling Tanzanians for two or three hundred more. I have even seen people selling F1 colonies for as much as I am asking.

Demand dictates the price. I could sell these today if I slashed the price, but why should I give them away? I am not worried if they do not sell. Whenever they do sell I will use the tank for something else. Until then they can stay in the tank and keep on producing quality F1 fry 😆.

Thanks for your feedback though, I appreciate it. I have considered the price but after a lot of research have found that they are probably one of the cheapest wild caught colonies currently up for sale.

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