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Current edition of PFK out now. Something for everyone...pretty much.

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Hey the latest edition( October) of Practical Fish keeping (PFK) is now in the newsagent, just picked up mine tonight. Some great features in it.

First up is a feature on the Paradise fish family....very interesting didn't know there were so many types.

Then we have a obituary on the sad passing of Aquascaping guru Takashi Amano at age 61.

In Cichlid news. The central americans have been going through some name changes......Again. Salvini finally have their own Genus... Trichromis

Then we have a bloke in the UK with a really nice Reef Tank 6 x2 x 2.

More American cichlid goodies with an article on the Coatzacoalcos basin in Mexico with special Emphasis on Vieja regain....Nice fish.

An Article on a selection of fish discovered over 100 years ago that are still firm hobby favourites. Sailfin Molly, Black phantom tetra, Emperor tetra, Maccullochi Rainbow, Clown Killi etc.

New Tetra Species the Chocolate Tetra from Brazil.

An article on fish only marine tanks making a comeback.

A step by step on doing a biotope for Rocket Panchax ( I really want to have a go at this)

Top 10 Ambush predators for the hobbyist. Of which the Bullrout is mentioned. Most of the others are on the verbotten list for us.

A great habitat article on Peacock Bass in the wild, with some great photos.

A really handy article on IDing algae and how to deal with it in the freshwater tank.

Hieko visit a Belgian guy who keep Rainbows and has an 11 foot display tank, plus New Guinea species that we Rainbow tragic could only dream of.

Pond Maintainance.

The usual dumb questions pages.

A guide to introducing fish into the aquarium, what we do right and wrong.

Marine dos and don't s six basic errors.

Usual new equipment reviews, stuff we never see or if we do we have to take out a 2nd mortgage on.

They road test shrimp food.

And then the usual pommy shop visits and reviews.

Well worth buying this month I reckon. Like i said something for everyone pretty much.

Next months look good too.

24 page guide to marine keeping for beginners.

Splashing tetras

earth eaters

Set up a New Guinea biotope for Bows.

Coral propogation and a sh!t load more.

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