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4 tier rack system

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Condition: UsedPrice: 600Willing To Ship: Nolocation: BannockburnHi Everyone,

I have sold the live stock, (Big thanks for Brad!) so, I have for sale a rack system due to switch into the "marine world"...

The rack is a Rack-It from Bunnings. 183x104x64.5 (HxLxW) in cm with 4 adjustable shelves. About a year old.

There is a sump tank on the bottom self which is 90x59.5x30 (HxLxW) in cm with 3 chambers (sump in; filter media; return pump) and 4 lids. Less then a year old.

On the second self there is a display tank which is 90x59.5x40.5 (HxLxW) in cm. It has 2 20mm bulkheads and a 20mm return pipe and 4 lids. Less then a year old.

On the third self there is a fry tank (I used it as a grow out tank) which is 30x61x38 (HxLxW) in cm. It has a 20 mm bulkhead and a 20mm return pipe with steel stainer. I bought it as a used tank.

I also used another tank on this self which is 46x60x40 (HxLxW) in cm and it has been divided. Strongly used.

I kept a plastic barrel and an air pump on the top self, so there is more space for another fish tank(s).

Also there are two 2 ft lights, rocks and foams under the tanks of course.

In summary, I give the rack, sump, 4 fish tanks with lids, two 2ft lights, foams under the tanks, plumbing and rocks in this deal. ------ NO filter media, filter socks, sponge filters, pumps, heater, gravel or barrel.-------

Pm me if you're interested in.






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