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Large Clown Loaches

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Price: Fair and ReasonableSize: Large (20+cm)Quantity: 1 maybe 2Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: Camp Hill

Hi all,

as the title suggest I'm chasing 1 maybe 2 (depending on price) large clown loaches to join my colony. They need to be 17cm minimum but would prefer 20cm plus, due to other fish they will be housed with.

Please reply via PM with what you have.

Thanks very much.

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Hopefully you get them the right size otherwise it's time to play the game of spot the guy who's been eaten recently.... [ATTACH=CONFIG]70144[/ATTACH]

Very nice Mungor, some absolute monsters there, how big is the largest?

Totally agree though not keen on making them fish food, couple of Those would look great in my tank ;)

In all seriousness still looking people.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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