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Rare corydoras for sale

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Price: 770-1700Size: 3cm - 6cmSex: MixedSuburb/Town: Toowong

Pick up from Toowong 4066 (preferable) or ship at buyer’s cost and risk

Please reply or PM only if you are interested

Advertised elsewhere

Saddle snout corydoras collection

$770.00 (absolutely no split)

C. amapaensis x3 locally bred

C. cervinus x8 (breeding colony) locally bred

C. fowleri x3 locally bred

C. fowleri x2 wild caught

C. orcesi x1 wild caught

C. pastazensis x1 locally bred

C. septentrionalis x2 locally bred

C. serratus x4 locally bred

C. simulatus x2 locally bred

C. vittatus x1 imported

C. sp C24 x1 wild caught

C. sp C92 x1 locally bred

C. sp C116 x1 imported

C. sp C127 x2 (pair) wild caught

$910 (absolutely no split)

All of the above fish plus

C. concolor x4 (large size) imported

Or the complete setup for $1650 (absolutely no split)

Including all of the above fish plus

Eheim 2213 x2

Eheim 2217 x2

90(L)*40(D)*45(H) Tank

30*30*30 quarantine/hospital/breeding Tank

C. eques x4

Few borneo suckers & riffle shrimps

All the plants, driftwoods and rocks

And everything you see in the video

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