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Maintenance Pack with Fluval Canisters!!!

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For A Limited Time Only All Fluval canister filters come with a Essentials maintenance pack worth $54.98!!!!!!!!

This pack includes:

x1 Fluval Cycle Biological Enhancer 120ml ($11.42 value!)

x1 Fluval Aqua Plus Tap Water Conditioner 120ml ($8.90 value!)

x1 Fluval BIO CLEAR 120ml - Clears Cloudy Water (Organic) ($8.90 value!)

x1 Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner 120ml - Cleans Waste Buildup ($12.48 value!)

x1 Fluval Quick Clear 120ml - Cloudy Water Treatment (Flocculate) ($8.28 value!)

Don't forget your 10% QLDAF member discount too!!!

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