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WTB- Air Pump LP20 or LP40 or similar.

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Condition: Used Price: Negotiable Willing To Ship: No location: Brisbane Southside

I am chasing an air pump to run 8 sponge filters in 2ft deep tanks. I previously used an LP40 which proved more then enough so maybe even an LP20 or similar would work.

Please post or pm what you have and what price you are asking.

Preferably a quiet diaphragm style pump. Will travel to the northside for the right pump.



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Kamair pumps are Taiwanese made (not Chinese like the Resun's) and used in aquaculture facilities. They are super reliable as long as you don't put too much back pressure on the diaphragm (but this goes for all air pumps). This pump ran all day every day for two years straight without a hitch before I shut down my fishroom. We have the same model at work that ran all day every day for five years before the diaphragm was replaced, and that was only because someone in the lab switched off most of the outlets and put too much backpressure on the pump! The only thing that will wear out is the diaphragm and as I said, this one comes with a brand new diaphragm still in its packaging. That alone is $50 new.

If you want more info on Kam-air pumps, have a chat to Aquasonic - aquaculture wholesaler based near Port Macquarie. As far as I'm aware, the only Resun that they sell is the LP100, and no other pumps that are the same size as the Kam-airs. That tells you something right there.

Here is an old photo:


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Id go the Kamair. Trust me on this Fishmosy knows what he is talking about. He didnt actually mention who he worked for and thats Marine science coffs harbour. He knows his stuff and if you want to have something reliable and basically cheaper in the long run id go the Kamair. I too have one and have had it for a couple years. Have excellent pressure and doesnt miss a beat. Ive had cheap buys before and they actually dont put out what theyre suppose too.

What im trying to say is this is the heart of your filtration and you need to have a good heart cause replacing it has devistating consequnces in that it can take too long to find replacement or you end up paying retail cause you cant.

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Thanks for the heads up. I currently have a lp40 and lp100 which are both a few years old and have both been very reliable. I understand the kam air is probably the better pump but I also suspect it is over kill for 8 sponges. My 40 is running 14 sponges now (some in 1m of water) and I've had to dial them all back, too much pressure. Hence why I was waiting to see if any 20's pop up for sale.

I do however very much appreciate the reply, and it is good to hear more positive feedback for the kam air because I found very minimal info with my friend Mr Google.


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