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TRADE albino bristlenose trio for quality pep juvies

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hello I'm wanting to trade an albino bristlenose trio ~9cm females, ~10cm male frequent breeders when given the chance (been African display tank cleaners latetly) but male has defended fry to past free swimming with yellow breeders n a 5ft, often would breed with second female a soon as the last batch was finished. feed aussie made veggie wafers and spectrum algaemax. color doesn't vary much between albino bristlenose as far as I can tell but I would call em slightly more pinkish thank yellowish(the only difference ive noticed in available albino bristlenose), male in particular has nice pinkish patch behind head etc.

want to trade for a few peppermint juvies, would prefer 4-5cm, but would consider 3cm, no smaller. wanting quality only, which is hard with peps, ie, juvie type patterns in adults, for example I once had 7 pep adults(to many males, they would kick each others eggs before I even realised probably 3 of them in the 4ft were male, but anyway one of those fish was solid black(not blacky/greyey/brown), with largish bright white spots. so hence why I would prefer slightly larger ones than 3cm, realistically aiming for 3 from one source and 3 from another, let me know whats available and who wants to trade some juvie peps for frequently breeding albino peps.

thanks heaps


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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