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Americans and Africans - Now with Photos

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Cichlid Type: OtherPrice: 5Size: 1+Quantity: 1+Sex: MixedSuburb/Town: Sunshine CoastBrought a few Americans to grow on and pick the best for my display tanks and I have a few left over surplus to requirements if anyone is chasing any.

Rough prices below, or throw me an offer......

If anyone wants photos let me know and I will see what I can do.

1 x Red Oscar - Approx 10cm - $15

2 x Gold Severums - Approx 7-8cm - $15ea - Sold

2 x Green Severums - Approx 7-8cm - $10ea

5 x Vieja Coatzacoalcos - Approx 7-8cm - $8ea

2 x Vieja Zonatus - Approx 7-8cm - $8ea

4 x Orange Headed Tapajos - Approx 7cm - $8ea

4 x Chocolate Cichlids - Approx 6cm - $10ea - Sold

1 x Pearl Cichlid (brasiliensis) - Approx 6-7cm - $8

1 x Green Terror (possible male) - approx. 10cm - $15

1 x Vieja Fenestratus - Approx 8cm - $8ea

4 x Silver Dollars - Approx 10 - 12cm - $10ea

Oh and a few Africans the wife has that can go....

2 x Frontosa Kigoma (7-Bar) - Approx 7-8cm - $30ea - Sold

1 x Melanochromis Maingano - Approx 10cm - $15

1 x Tropheus Ikola - Adult - $20 - Sold

1 x Tangerine Dragon Blood - Approx 6-7cm - $10 - Sold

1 x Forest Jewel (2-spot) - Approx 6-7cm $15

1 x Hongi-x (very Orange) - Approx 10cm - $10 - Sold

If anyone has any swaps (or cash either way, or for sale), I am interested in these, Juvi's are too small, but not too big either, as I am trying to grow a load of Americans on together to see if they can stay in a big community tank together and preferably male as it is going to be a display tank so looking for colourful specimens.

Vieja Bocourti

Vieja melanura "Belize"

Vieja melanura "Mexico"






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