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Life in Tasmanian Freshwater creeks and rivers 4 - Mt Field NP

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Been watching your videos on youtube...looks like you had an epic time in Tasmania and what you filmed was really interesting...especially liked the tannin coloured creek (Sleepy Bay)...

Still have all of my firetail gudgeons (none eaten by oscar..) I also have 3 long armed shrimp (surviving feeder shrimp) and I was thinking of putting them all (shrimp and gudgeons) into a 5 foot tank and making a native tank...I would like to get a school of aussie rainbows to go with it ..could you suggest a rainbow that would be good with 3 shrimp (they are quite large and including their arms are around 15cm long - I have no idea how big they get...) ...will probably order from livefish..

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