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Fish wanted for new community tanks

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Suburb/Town: Aspley - North Brisbane

I have just cycled a new 4ft and and looking for some community fish to fill it. Looking for guppies, patties, Angels, gouramis etc... If you have a selection or are looking to get rid of something that maybe suitable please message me.



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I was going to put up an ad for 20+ platies and 2 goldies for $15

The first Goldie is whitish with lite orange strip over the top length ways 6-7?cmtl the other solid red/orange 8-9cm there seems to be 3 types if plates, Micky mouse and lite orange with black fins and a 3rd that has a red patch under the dorsal. These have been overwintered by someone in less then favourable conditions so they are tough. From what I've seen there would be at least 2/3 girls to guys. Gotta change phones so I can load pucs this huawei is a Fn p.o.s... No neither wanna play.its too hot.

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Hi Gordon,

I have two zebra danios if you would like them. Also, I saw in your other thread you are after some java moss. What quantity are you after? I have a very limited quantity if you would like some too. We can do the same hospital pick up routine we did last week.

*edit both the fish and Java moss are free. Just give them a good home please. :)

Let me know.



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i have a breeding pair of cory long beilfin koi, great parents currently have 3 day old hatchlings, also have gold, a silvermoon and kissing gourami about 10 centimeters, common Bn also have about pepper corys 1 - 1 1/2 cm

If interested Pm me your No. and I'll send you some pic's


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