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2 mangrove jacks

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I have cleared this thread. No more posts unless you are buying thanks.

I could have cleaned more but left them as it is an important issue. I understand someone on a Facebook page got in a lot of trouble for selling wild caught fish. Something to be aware of and cautious. I can affect the buyer as well as the seller.

Anymore off topic posts will be deleted. REmember the report button please.

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No they were not released, who the **** died and made you the fisheries officer anyway.

But just so you can sleep at night knowing that you have not caused a lot of problems for someone who was completely innocent of anything you were accusing him of and lets face it that is exactly what you were doing with all the smart arsed comments.

When it said they were sold with proof of purchase, that is exactly what happened.

I actually brought one, they were sorced from probably the only place they could have been (leagally that is, those in the know will know exactly were this is and those that don't can keep guessing) and yes, they are feeding perfectly well on pellets thank you for your interst in something that has **** all to do with you.

Someone posts up a genuine post to sell fish and at a very reasonable price, so not really in it for the money and has to put up with all the accusations.

Come on guys, is someone going to offer these for sale in as many places as these were if they were not legit. We all know the rules on native fish, or at least I am sure you would if you were offering 3 juvi Mangrove Jack

And you wonder why people leave the forum and the members are fading fast......shame, amongst the rest there are some good guys on this forum, however the same guys are on facebook and the other sites, forums, so I guess it is not going to stop the genuine people out there, who actually look to help each other, rather than take the first oppertunity to stab other members in the back.

Admirable quality you have there, you should be proud :hail:

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2. Trading Guidelines

2.1. BE AWARE that all sales and purchases of livestock is at buyers risk and QLDAF recommends that all buyers research their prospected purchases before handing over any money or trade.

2.1.1. BE AWARE of the size of the fish being sold. QLDAF recommends thatfish sold are of a 'saleable size'. Saleable size generally means 4 cm_ (from tip of nose to end of tail) - except of course for smaller fish / dwarf species(<4 cm).

2.1.2. BE AWARE of the rules relating to noxious fish, grey listed fish and the allowable import list.

2.2. Please include all relevant details of the livestock / dry-goods in your initial post.

2.3. Sellers may not ‘bump’ their thread within 24 hours – ‘bumping’ includes simply posting an emoticon, posting‘pm sent’ etc with no major updates. We are a very busy / active forum and this is the fairest way for everyone to have an opportunity to trade.

2.4 The sale of ANY Bulk, New or Commercial unopened or repackaged food/dry goods is not permitted. This forum is dedicated to protecting the industry from back door dry good trades. We also have paying sponsors and its not fair on them.

2.5 Polluting or hijacking of Trading Section threads with inappropriate, irrelevant or negative posts will not be tolerated. This includes negative comments on a seller’s price etc. (If you feel the need to be helpful, then a tactful pm is the best course of action).

2.6 Members are encouraged to use the forum’s Report Function to alert moderators of blatant or serious breaches of our Trading Section guidelines. (Do not make negative posts that often lead to public arguments).

2.7 Buying and selling of livestock or plants as a business/wholesaler. QLDAF is here to promote the hobbyist and prohibits the practice of buying and selling in order to make a profit. (QLDAF have generous sponsors and as such this kind of trade is put in place to protect them) Breeding/propogating and selling is OK

2.8 Your profile must include a specific suburb location and state in order to assist potential buyers/sellers and improve the operation of our Trading Section. If you choose not to include a suburb in your Profile, you are choosing to have your thread removed from the Trading Section.

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