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new african setup

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so this is the project ive been working on for a little while now, thought id share with everyone....

this is the stand - youtube copy


wrapped in MDF, sealed both sides of it and made it pretty


the sump- 2ftr with acrylic baffles (used dow corning 999a)


DIY return piping, PVC elbow jammed through a hole i drilled in the bracing


sump full (well almost) of media


DIY internal overflow boxs made from left over acrylic from sump


lined the tank stand over hang with an LED strip for sh!z and gigs, works fantastic


temporary dodgy looking electrical work


naked(ish) system shot


full tank+stand shot - rocks wont be used in finished project, just had them sitting around and wanted to remember how nice they were once upon a time.


have to wait until friday, possibly saturday to get to AoA for white cichlid sand, ill grab some more noodles while im there and stock the sump up.... i have some more PVC to fit to the return line so it flows to the bottom of the tank, hits a T joiner and splits each way... first fill was today and i had no leaks so figured id fill it up with media and put it all together to cycle/ show off here...

feel free to ask anything you like/ offer advice etc...

running well, overflows work spectacularly well, little bit of a gargle on 1 side (1 sides overflow box is slightly lower than the other intentionally) main side is almost complete siphon, ill get that sorted swiftly;)

future plans for the tank are a custom high sloping style canopy with 2 channels routed into the front and back to have a full side ways sliding glass lids on each side of tank, lighting is petworx LED which has great white light and appears to be very bright but i have a twin t5 sitting here doing nothing and i did like the cool yellow on the last setup so undecided on that, but either way it will be fixed to the canopy not the tank. i still need to get a "lid" for the sump, probably go with a thin sheet of pliable plastic- just as a splash guard/evaporation protections.

will be all setup upstairs, cycled and warm and awaiting for stock by saturday evening next week so hopefully i can find a breeder and organise a saturday night pickup? :) we'll see haah!

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