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Poly-Filter - You won't believe all it can do!

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Looking for something extra to add to your filter media? Poly-Filter- The revolutionary mechanical filter pad with 40 parts per billion filtration- could be the one for you!

Invented by a marine biologist, polymer chemist and medical pathologist; this filter pad eliminates the need for carbon, exchange resins and gels by offering a better product to filter and purify both fresh and salt water aquariums.

It is designed to continuously filter pollutants from the water without removing any desirable trace elements.

In addition to outstanding capabilities for removing ammonia it also removes heavy metals, harmful organics, all forms of phosphate and is without equal in the removal of medications after treatment.

Another important and patented feature of the "Poly Filter" is its unique ability to change a different colour with the absorption of specific pollutants. It turns blue with a copper salt, light green to aqua with free copper, orange with iron, red with aluminium, yellowish green with ammonia and white-beige to brown-black with the absorption of harmful organics. There is no other product quite like it!!!!

It can be utilised in any type of filtration system, just cut or roll it into shape and place it somewhere it will get water flowing through it. Click on the link below to check this AMAZING product out!!!!!

I have used this when setting up tanks and the usual dirty water from subtrates that can last for days is normally fixed with in hours.




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