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Hi All.

Looking forward to using this forum as a great resource on the topic. I am relatively new to the hobby after setting up a small tropical freshwater aquarium (approx 50 L) for my son about a year and a half ago. I soon found myself heavily immersed in the topic and seeking to expand on our home setup......or as my wife puts it "Hijacking my sons gift!". Anyway, I have learned a great deal from my success and failures with our current aquarium and am currently in the very early stages of setting up a new aquarium (approx 180 L). I am looking at a tropical freshwater community tank as my family and I love the interesting variety it offers, as well as introducing live plants which is a new area to explore. Currently have a small community including neon tetras, a dwarf gourami and Pakistani loaches. The loaches are a real favourite due to their personalities and despite being warned, the ability to still trick me into thinking they have died by laying in strange positions. Looking forward to setting up the new aquarium and having this forum as a useful resource.


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"Hijacking my sons' gift"

I was accused of the same thing when I "got involved" with my sons' model railway!

Just had to expand and buy more and more.......

Welcome [MENTION=17027]Bunyip[/MENTION]swich? You will learn a lot from reading info on this forum from some clever, switched on members.

Just ignore my posts. bgomf.

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For me this was never to be an intentional hobby. Sort of been there done that 40+ years ago. However my interest was hijacked by my wife and if my bum rests for more than 2 minutes I am summoned to look at her new discovery. so basically I get involved and love it again which is impossible to resist or hire an assassin:rofl:.

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