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Native enthusiasts Donation Wanted

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Condition: New

Price: free

Willing To Ship: No

location: Kallangur

Wanted - donation of tin of fishfood for - a spa bath and a fibreglass bathtub set up as ponds

Need to downsize at the moment and will be concentrating on breeding only honey blue eyes. for a while

I have a spa bath and a fibreglass bathtub, plants purple and pink water lillies ready to go,

All you need is fish food, space, sunlight, water. approval, take the pond fill add plants, then come back when its settled and ill give you some Native Ornate Rainbowfish - Rhadinocentrus ornatus to start your own breeding colony



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May i ask if there is a specific fish food, type, or size u are chasing. Have several kg of left overs (in fridge) just depends on if i have anything that would actually be of any use to urself

just a very good quality flake that I can raise rainbows on or good quality floating pellets that I can crush

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