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just got a new tank

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any and all moss are great for baby shrimp to hide in. the rest of the tank depends on the type of shrimp your aiming to keep?

ill assume your starting with cherries and in that case you don't need anything special just keep the water stable and consistent and they will be happy.

inert gravel or sand is fine or if its going to be a planted tank you can use aqua soil.

plants depend on your taste and set up, but moss is a must i feel ( heaps of bio film for them to eat)

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As [MENTION=9288]buck[/MENTION] said it depends on what shrimp you are keeping, a good starting point are Red/Yellow Cherry Shrimp, but don't keep both as they will breed with each other and throw out poor colour, so either one or the other, or any of the other Cherry Shrimp for that matter.

Native shrimp are great also, Chameleon Shrimp (look them up, amazing shrimp), Darwin Red Nose Shrimp, Darwin Algae Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, Riffle Shrimp, all are great shrimp to be honest.

Make sure you treat your water, either pre-prepair your water, treat it or use rainwater also.

Mineral balls, or mineral powder is I think a must, as it helps with the shells of the shrimp and helps them to malt, when they malt leave the shell in the tank, the shrimp feed on it as it is a good source of calcium, calcium being good for their shells, exo skeletons, what ever you want to call it, haha.

As suggested, mosses are great, they provide a hiding place for the adults and juvis, any moss is fine, even Subwassertang which is fresh water seaweed, Bolbitis is another good plant for shrimp, they love it, they also like to climb all over Vallisneria, any Vallisneria is fine also.

Filter, can use a sponge filter, what do you have? Exact model? Do ya know? The shrimp will sit on the sponge and feed off the debris left on it, they'll love it mate, if going with a filter with a intake, either put sponge over the in take or a stainless steel mesh guard so shrimp don't get sucked in and killed.

Foods, I've found Boss Aquaria foods good when I kept shrimp, Shrimp Crack, Shrimp Snow, also Benibachi Kale Tablets, shrimp go nuts over the Kale Tabs as well as the Shrimp Crack, it's called Crack for a reason, seriously, put a piece in and watch 'em go! But also any flake fish foods, also blanched veggies, even a dead shrimp, if you see the dead shrimp, let the others feed on it.

If keeping Crystal Red/Black Shrimp, same as above, just make sure water is excellent, clean, water parameters are right, a lot of keepers say Crystals are harder tokeep, rubbish, same as Cherries mate.

Native shrimp, same, easy to keep as well, also feed on stuff like Indian Almond Leaves, but seriously, look into native shrimp, especially the Chameleon Shrimp, they change colours depending on moods, water conditions, foods, mating, water temp, amazing shrimp, can be bought through Dave and Robyn at AquaGreen in Howard Springs in Darwin, pricing is good, postage I can assure you will have the shrimp the day after it's sent off.

But stick with Cherries, Crystals and Natives at first, get used to them, keeping them, breeding them, when comfortable, then move onto harder to keep shrimp if you want, but honestly, Crystals are great to view and you can't beat natives either.

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Just a few other things:

Water temp: 22c to 24c, I kept at 22c

Foods: Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Shrimp Snow, Benibachi Kale Tablets

Mosses: Flame Moss, Peacock Moss, Christmas Moss, Subwassertang

Plants: Bolbitis heudelotii, Vallisneria nana

Minerals: Boss Aquaria Mineral Balls, Mineral Powder

Water Conditions: Tap Water, Treated Tap Water (Tap Water Conditioner), Aged Water

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