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FS - Mini Pellia, US Fissiden and Trident Java Fern

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Hi All,

••••• EVERYTHING IS NOW SOLD ••••• Thanks for the interest

I am shutting down my planted tank and have Mini Pellia, US Fissiden and Trident Java Fern for sale.

These are all great coverage mosses/plants for your planted tank which shrimp absolutely love and are easy to grow in the right conditions.

Pick up is in Aspley.

The mosses/plants are from the tank shown below.


Mini Pellia attached to Mopani Driftwood (about 30cm long and nearly 20cm high) - $50



Driftwood covered with US Fissiden (about 15 - 20cm long) - $40


Red river rock completely covered in Mini Pellia (rock about 8cm long, over 10cm of Mini Pellia coverage) - $25


River rock with Mini Pellia attached (about 7cm long) - $15


Ista 6.5cm square cultivation plate covered in US Fissiden with some mini pellia - $25


Small piece of slate covered with US Fissiden (about 5cm long) - $10 ​SOLD


Ista 6.5cm square cultivation plate covered in Mini Pellia with some Peacock moss - $25


Ista 6.5cm square cultivation plate covered in Mini Pellia - $20


Ista 5cm round cultivation plate with Mini Pellia and Flame moss - $10


Ista Ceramic shelter cave (10.5cm long x 5.5cm wide x 4cm high) with Mini Pellia attached - $25


Large Trident Java fern portion (Trident java fern is rarer than the common java fern and very popular in aquascaping) - $30


Smaller Trident Java Ferns (have 2) @ $10 each



I also have a portion of Peacock moss available for $10.

All mosses/plants have been grown using CO2 and high light.

They may also contain algae and snails.

I will also throw in some free cherry shrimp with purchases. The more you purchase the more shrimp you get! *Limited amount available.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask (PM me)

Pick up only from Aspley (no postage available).

PM me if interested and no holding.

Please note that I am only available in the evenings for pick ups (due to work commitments - includes wends)

Thanks for looking

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