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free leaking 4x2x2

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Condition: Damaged

Price: free or a 6 pack

Willing To Ship: No

location: alexandra Hills

4x2x2 leaking from base. It is was it is. Has a hole patched from a previous bulkhead. Euro braced with no lids. No stand no filter no lights nothing. Tank is next to driveway, bring a friend and take away. Will allow kids to take to it with cricket balls and bats come saturday

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DO NOT use cricket bats, especially if you've spent good coin on English willow!

Surely someone will take it, surely the leak can be fixed and tank used again right?

English willow! Wtf is that. Round here in australia we use cut down fence pailings not some fancy wood lmao.

Tank may be able to be fixed but after cleaning up the mess i am way too peeved off to think about it. Anyways tuffys dilema now lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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