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Hot Topic Friday 27/11 iridovirus - latest rules

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It sounds like more testing for the virus will be required before import? This would seem reasonable at first glance to me but happy to discuss.

Wondering if this and neon tetra disease is a big issue for here and also overseas where I assume controls would be less effective? This article suggests it is quite common.


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Does any other country have this testing done on their imported fish?

If not would exporters do this testing only for the Australian market?

Or will importers do the testing when fish arrive in Oz?

What are the extra costs to have the testing done?

Will it affect the retail price of imported fish? One would think so.

Looks like there will be a chance for local breeders to increase sales to Wholesalers and LFS but I doubt there would be enough breeders to sell to Wholesalers/LFS to meet demand.

Of course it depends if the imported fish are landed at a still fairly cheap price.

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Using signal fish will reduce the costs massively and some farms are being declared free from virus so no testing will be done on fish from these farms.

The Aussie dollar will have more effect on fish prices than the testing will.

Some places may use it as an excuse to up prices but overall it's not the death of the hobby as it was hyped to be.

Cheers mick

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