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Floor padding for steel stand on tile

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Hi all,

Just checking for ideas as I want to move my 6ft into my living room which has tile floor.

The stand or the floor may not 100% flat, what should I use to pad and avoid tile crack or scratches?

I am thinking of using a 2 long sleeper logs and put the stand on top, but it may need a lot of paint?

Thank you

Soon heated tank ;)

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With the weight of the tank if you don't disperse the weight well enough from the feet of the stand there is still a good chance of cracking your tiles

The bigger the footing you can put in place under the feet of the stand the better , maybe a small slab of timber with marine carpet on top and bottom (to stop any scratching)

Just carpet whether it be marine or not wont disperse the weight, it will only stop scratches

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Good point, i wasn't thinking of the weight on the tiles, only about what would make the floor level without being affected by the water.

Are your tiles on concrete or wood ?

If there on concrete, you only need something to stop the scratching, and that's only if it will be moving. Surely if you "place" the stand it will be fine.

On the other hand, if your on timber ................ That's a different kettle of fish ............. Get it ? Ha Ha :-)



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There is a place in the Gabba Called Reverse garbage, they have Rubber discs about 10 cm across, its the bi-product of some manufacturer. They cost nothing and always have tonnes of them. They are tough as old goats knees. I use those. They have loads of stuff there that can be adapted for aquarium use. Including good thick glass.



Oh and cheap thick styrofoam

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