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Most Crazy New Fry Food In Ages!

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Ocean Nutrition Color, Growth & Health Formula - Marine 0.1-0.3mm 500g

Many of you will have used the Cyclop-eeze in the past for your fry. Stuff was amazing.

It has been pretty much impossible to get in Australia for a while now, which is a huge shame.

Finally though we have something that may not be just as good..... it may just be even better.

So we have a new product on the scene, and all the feed back so far is incredibly positive.

+ 0.1 - 0.3mm sized crumble

+ Fast growth

+ Very concentrated = feed less, with less waste produced

+ Heavy carotenoid pigment = beautiful fish

+ Engineered to improve disease resistance and to reduce stress in delicate fish

+ High HUFA and phospholipid content, optimum amino-acid balance with high DHA/EPA ratio.

+ Produced by people that know what the above line actually means.....

- currently only available in 500gr tins

A crazy new tool for raising fry of most fish species. Yes it has been created for marine ornamental fish, but our feedback so far suggests it works equally well with goldfish, tetra, cichlids, guppys and discus.


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curious to know what this "above line" actually means? who are these people???

These people are the standard. Ocean Nutrition mate!


As to what the line means....... well its a complete food designed to grow fish rapidly, with an emphasis on their health.

Thats key too, as many fish fry foods are designed to merely grow fish fast. The aim being to get them to plate size.

Our priorities are different with pet fish. We want long term healthy life and the best colour possible.

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ingredients , protein content ?

In what way does it compare to Cyclop - eeze ?

Cheers Mark .

Well I just typed it out for you, so any spelling mistakes are mine XD

Ingredients : fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustacean, cereals, oils and fats, yeast, algae, minerals.

Composition :

fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustacean, cereals, oils and fats, yeast, algae, vitamins (retinol (vit A), cholecalciferol (vit D3), tocopherol acetate (vit E), menadione (vit K3), thiamine mononitrate (vit B1), riboflavin (vit B2), pantothenic acid (vit B5), pyidoxine (vit B6), cobalamin (vit B12), l-ascorbic acid phosphate (vit C), niacin (vit B3), biotin (vit H), choline (vit B4), inositol (vit B8 ), folic acid (vit B11), minerals, carotenoid pigments, preservatives and antioxidants.

Guaranteed analysis:

Protein 59%

Fat 13%

Fibre 0.7%

Ash 9.3%

Additives :

Vitamins : Vit A : 22.500 IU/kg, vit D3 : 3.000 IU/kg, vit C (E304) : 1.000 mg/kg

Trace Elements : E1 : 100mg/kg, E4 : 3mg/kg, E5 : 15mg/kg, E6 : 50mg/kg, E8 : 0,2 mg/kg

Colorants; Preservatives ; Antioxidants

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